Hi Guys,

Well, today was day 1 of The Pro Artistry Course part 1.

So I was here bright and early to welcome the new girls.  We had a nice cup of tea and a relaxing get to know you session. This is where we find out what you would like to achieve from the courses so we can help you and give you the best advice possible to help you in your new career.

We started the session discussing marketing yourself, etiquette,  health and safety, looking after your brushes and the business side of the role.

From that, we discussed the concept of the colour wheel, skin analysis and client consultations.

After lunch it was practical work.  I carried out a demonstration of base application on a model including all the consealing and cover ups required. I also showed the girls how to contour and highlight using a variety on products.

We use a range of products at NEMUA from MAC, NYX and Rimmel and many more.  We believe its important that its not how expensive a products is that gets great results!  It important to build an affordable kit when starting out, this is what we help you do!

The girls set to work on each other getting to know the products and today we used a range on BB creams to they can see that difference between products from a sheer coverage to a heavier foundation.

The carried out an analysis on each other from face shape, skin type and matching foundations correctly

I was so happy with what they produced from watching my demo. Flawless skin, blemishes covered and some great high light and contouring to get a nice, dewy base.

The results were great and if this is how well they progress after 1 days training i’m looking forward to seeing the results after the training!

Lisa x





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