False eyelashes make your eyes look bigger, brighter and help to complete your makeup look! Determining your natural eye shape is just as important as finding the most complementary tones for your lids or as important as selecting the right shade of foundation. NEMUA have broken down our eyelashes into eye shapes, to help you best select which is best for you and your clients!

N13/N11 – Hooded Eyes – Hooded eyes tend to need the illusion of depth, since the natural autonomy of the eye prevents this mainly by having a signature fold of skin which tends to cover the socket line, false eyelashes can assist in drawing in attention so to create this illusion. The best styles of lashes to opt for are the N11 & N13 lashes since they boast volume from corner to corner with slight tapering they create depth and add density and help to make the eyes appear more open.

N13 Mink Eyelash (2) n11 mink lash (3)

N13/N5/N6 – Wide Set Eyes – Eyes which are set farther apart are considered to be wide set, to help even proportions and to help bring the eyes somewhat closer together N13,N5 & N6 lashes are perfect for this as they come with dramatic volume and length toward the centre which will help create such an artifice.

N13 Mink Eyelash (2) N5 3D mink Eyelash N6 Eyelash

N5/N11/N13/N17 Deep set – Deep-set eyes are in a constant battle between being eaten up by the weight of someone’s brow bone and also detracting from your look. It’s important to remember that with deep-set eyes dramatic and long lashes are key. These lashes are perfect for this because of the length and dramatic effect of them, will help your eye makeup and lashes stand out more oppose to sinking into the background.

N5 3D mink Eyelash n11 mink lash (3) N13 Mink Eyelash (2) n17 mink lash (2)

N12/N14/ N42 –Close Set – Close set eyes are considered to literally be, closer together than average. Anyone with these shape eyes should opt for makeup and eyelashes to create a look whereby eyes seem slightly father apart in an attempt to even of proportions slightly, selecting lashes that have slightly heavier, thicker edge such as N12, N14 & N42 will help!

n12 mink lash N14 Eyelash F42 Eyelash

Prominent Lids – N11- Thicker lashes will only draw more attention to your prominent lids, which is what we are trying to avoid. Mink lashes are great for these types of eyes, as synthetic lashes have a sheen on them, which draws attention and gives away the fact they are fake and can look quite messy, N11 lashes are great as they practically imitate your own lashes because of their tapered tips but will also add length in a subtle manner without drawing the wrong attention to the eye area.

n11 mink lash (3)

All of the NEMUA lashes are suitable for average shaped eyes, so if you look into your mirror or study your client’s eye shape and feel they don’t fit into any of the above categories it’s most probably because they have average eyes, which luckily for you means you can wear any style of the NEMUA Mink Lashes, which are available online at www.nemua.co.uk with free delivery over £20 and pro discount is available. Free NEMUA Base Blender on lash orders over £30


Written by Mariel Jones


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